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Addison Green are a specialist cleaning and decontamination service provider and can help eliminate the risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure for you, your employees, your buildings and your customers. Minimising disruption and ensuring a safe working environment is paramount.

Our team are able to quickly and efficiently disinfect your premises, following the below procedures:

  • Biohazard personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator masks are worn at all times and decontamination units located outside building to support significant site activity.
  • Adherence to a stringent coronavirus demobilisation process for our equipment, vans and waste storage areas.
  • CDC approved industrial strength disinfectants used with a broad spectrum kill.
  • Safe disposal of any hazardous / clinical waste with minimal disruption to your business premises.
  • Comprehensive bio-cleaning training services for operators working in or near contaminated areas. Services includes respirator mask fitting, which is a legal requirement.
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Guano, also known as bird droppings, is a common sight on most buildings. The species that causes the biggest guano problem is the pigeon (as well as various other birds). Pigeons can roost in roof spaces and on window ledges in large numbers, depositing huge amounts of guano over time.

At Addison Green we can provide our specialist cleaning services to remove the pigeon guano affected areas in order to prevent any negative impact on health and safety of those occupying the area. When left uncontrolled, it can build up to become a hazard to human health and a risk to buildings. In these cases it is possible that the inhalation of dust, created when well-dried guano is disturbed, may irritate the bronchial passages.

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Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste, where the waste is usually dumped to avoid disposal costs and its potential effects, for example how it may harm people, animals or the environment.

At Addison Green we are fully licenced and insured to collect and dispose of hazardous waste. We provide all the necessary paperwork for full traceability of the correct disposal methods.

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